2021 Colleges of Education Admission List

2021 Colleges of Education Admission List

2021 COE Admission List

Some successful applicants who applied to be admitted into the 46 colleges of education have started receiving their messages.

These messages will contain their Application Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN).

COE Admission List

2021 Colleges of Education Admission List
2021 Colleges of Education Admission List

Here is how to check your Coe admission Status

Applicants can however check their admission status and print their admission letter online by following these simple steps below:

Procedures to Check COE College Admissions list Online

  1. Visit the college of education admission list portal https://admissionsghana.com/
  2. Select the academic year of your application.
  3. Proceed to Select a school category from the menu
  4. Search for your name in the admission.


How to print your COE admission letter online

  1. Check your message inbox of the phone number you used during the application process.
  2. Click on the link in the text message http://admission.ebitsapps.com
  3. Log onto the page using the APPLICATION NUMBER and PIN provided in the message.

NOTE: Text Messages Links depend on each College.

Henceforth, we encourage all applicants who haven’t receive theirs to keep their fingers crossed and experts to receive theirs at the appropriate time.

COE Admission Fees

COE admission fees vary from college to college, stay cam and get the right amount to pay from your school.

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