Sensitisation on Census Night

Enumeration of persons for the 2021 Population and Housing Census commences 27th June 2021 for selected targeted populations specifically those in transit, short stay institutions and homeless households.

The enumeration on 27th June will be preceded by the celebration of the 2021 Census Night.

The essence of the celebration is to raise awareness for purposes of recalling where persons spent the night of 27th June. In addition, all the questions to be asked during enumeration will make reference to the Census Night.

For purposes of recall, events such as durbars, tolling of church bells, road floats, media broadcasts and cultural shows will be organised in all communities to make the night memorable.

Reference to the Census Night is for harmonising responses across all persons and is not meant for counting.

Hence, persons in Ghana are not expected to travel or queue at a specific centre as is the case for elections and registration exercises.

On the 27th night, Enumerators would not visit any household or institution for purposes of counting.

The counting and enumeration of persons in households and institutions will take place between 28th June and 11th July.

Please take note of the persons that will sleep in your household on the Census Night because you will have to provide detailed information on all of them (whether or not they are usual members of the household).

Remember that adult members of a household can answer questions on behalf of other household members so persons in doubt should kindly check with the other household members whether an enumerator visited in your absence.

Enumerators will wear reflective blue jackets, hold ID cards, and adhere to all COVID-19 protocols. Please cooperate with them and ensure that you are counted.

If an Enumerator visits in your absence and leaves a call-back card, kindly use the information provided on the card to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

The government will use the census data to determine the needs of nation to make decisions such as where we need to build schools for our children; the number of hospitals that are needed; and whether to provide treated sources of water.

Moreover, the data obtained will be used by businesses to decide where to build new factories and open new offices that will create jobs.

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