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Former Northern Ireland player Stephen Kerrigan told the Belfast Telegraph that Kofi Palmer would make a great move if he joined Crystal Palace in the Premier League from Larn FC.

Already this summer, 17-year-old Patrick Kelly replaced Coleraine Post Ham United. Jack Patterson left the Crusaders for Everton.

And with Sky Sports claiming that Crystal Palace have agreed to pay a fee for Palmer, it appears that one of Northern Ireland’s most exciting rising arrivals is on his way across the sea.

The 21-year-old defender, who arrived in Larne only from Balimina United in 2021, has already made nearly 100 league appearances. He has European experience on his resume as well.

And while pessimists will say it’s ‘too early’, Kerrigan feels Crystal Palace is a very good opportunity to resist.

Crystal Palace close to Larn defender Kofi Palmer

“I really love Kofi as a player. This would be a fantastic move for him,” said Kerrigan, who has had 54 caps for his country while representing the likes of Motherwell and Partek Thistle.

“He’s moved from Ballymina United to Larne and now the Palace, which shows you the way there.”

Palmer, dubbed ‘world’s best’ by former Larne champion Alan Watson, is likely to play Crystal Palace’s Under-23 side initially, while potentially honing his big talents alongside the likes of Wilfried Zaha and Odson Edward during Patrick’s training sessions. Vieira.

However, Kerrigan hopes Palmer won’t settle for a supporting role at Selhurst Park.

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Fantastic move for him

“The challenge for the boys is; can they advance and play in the first team and play in the Premier League? It’s going to take some time. But the players can’t accept being just a number on the team – keep working and join the first team,” adds Kerrigan.

“The more players we have in the top teams, the better for our international team. Kofi needs to keep pushing the boundaries and I’m sure he will.

“Kofi had great training, which made him this far. Now he can take this opportunity with both hands and take his game to the next level.

“Dedicate your career and life to becoming a full-time footballer. He made the right move, and now don’t just admire where you are, but push and tap some feathers. Show the manager what you can do.”

Crystal Palace brought in another young talent – midfielder Killian Phillips – from the Republic of Ireland back in January. And Vieira was full of praise for the 20-year-old after a vital performance during the pre-season meeting with Liverpool in July (Football London).

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