9 Outstanding Business Ideas for Teachers in Ghana in 2022

9 Outstanding Business Ideas for Teachers in Ghana. For sometime now, the field of teaching has become a stop-gap measure for a lot of people in Ghana. People go into teaching with the aim of making a living for themselves and their dependents. The story about teaching in Ghana has become a dicey one recently as a lot view and practice essence in the temporal term. People no longer find the joy and passion for teaching even before and during the encounter.

In this Education portal, we will like to breakdown and bring to your attention, some business plans you can incorporate into your daily lives as far as living a financially strong life in Ghana. This is because, there are lot of opportunities in Ghana and if only you can get the right information and with the right commitment you can be sure to be financially stable.

  1. Home Tutoring Business

This business is ideal for current and former teachers, which is why many teachers begin their home tutoring business as a part-time job. You must be a people person, as most of the business regards direct, one-on-one interaction with others. It helps to be good with children of all ages, as they comprise the vast majority of your customers.

The profit for a home tutoring business is entirely dependent on your hourly rate and the number of students you have at any given time. It is important to be mindful of the season: summer typically has much fewer students than other seasons because your primary clients—students–are mostly out of school. When budgeting profits for the year, it is important to remember that.

2. Pottery Business

Some teachers dream of a more creative outlet. Many potters dream of turning their talents into a full-time business venture; of ditching the suit and corporate world to spend their days in the studio creating pieces that will bring joy to others for years to come. Such a business leaves the soul fulfilled and offers the opportunity to interact with other artists within the community.

Being able to craft a quality clay piece is only half the challenge. You must also possess the creativity and drive to continuously seek out new avenues for displaying and selling your work.

3. Educational Toy Store

An educational toy store (or instructive toy store) sells toys and games that are meant to stimulate and challenge the player’s creativity and intelligence. The market for educational toys is huge. Every age level can benefit from educational or instructive toys, stores typically have different sections for infants/toddlers, children, and adults. These toys have been known to decrease stress, increase happiness, and even potentially fight debilitating diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

This business is great for someone who understands and is passionate about educational toys. Every potential customer has a different skill set they want to exercise when buying these toys. For example, a more verbal person will gravitate towards certain games over others. You will also need people skills to work with customers and employees on a regular basis.


This job is great for motivated self-starters who want a flexible schedule and are already familiar with eBay. Knowing what sells well, how to best price products, and how to get your listings noticed will promote success in this business. It’s also a business you can build around your personal interests and experience, making it both fun and lucrative.

Growth potential is limited only by the time and scope of the seller. Finding a specialty or niche area selling popular products you’re passionate about is a great strategy for success. With low startup and maintenance costs, there is virtually no limit to your earning potential once you get things rolling.


Freelance writing is a great business venture for both established writers and those hoping to break into the field. Self-starters with the time, skills, and motivation to seek out clients and meet tight deadlines will thrive. The vast number of online publications means that no matter your writing style or area of expertise, you are likely to find clients who can use your services.

There are also still plenty of opportunities for freelancers looking to write for more traditional offline publications like newspapers, magazines, and journals. Beyond the cost of your computer, wifi, and advertising the startup and maintenance costs are almost nonexistent. With low costs and great growth potential for those able to find constant or long-term clients, earning potential is good. Established freelance writers can bring in an average of about GHC 180,000 annually.


For the grammar lovers among us, a proofreading business can prove both satisfying and lucrative. As a proofreader, you are concerned not with what your clients are trying to communicate, but rather how accurately they convey it in terms of spelling, punctuation, typographical errors, and word usage.

This is one of many great side business ideas for those with writing and editing experience, both academically and professionally. While a degree can help, it’s not required. Professional proofreading has picked up with the advent of self-publishing since independent authors cannot rely on their publishers for this service. With extremely low startup costs, those able to carve out the right niche and client base can build a successful career in this field.


Wedding photography is an excellent venture for experienced photographers looking to maximize their exposure and profits. The wedding industry is enormous and continues to grow regardless of economic conditions. Because of the size of the industry, there is also a great deal of competition. Building a successful wedding photography business will rely heavily on your ability start small — with friends and family — and build an impressive portfolio that makes you stand out.

As your business grows, you may opt to bring on additional photographers. The earning potential of a wedding photography business is great. Most established photographers charge anywhere around 21,000 per wedding. If you remain booked consistently throughout wedding season and keep a respectable number of clients during the slower months, a successful wedding photographer can see revenue approaching or reaching six figures.


With as low as GHC20,000 to GHC30,000, an extremely profitable business can take off.

The attraction of Uber is that the returns are quick and amazingly very high. If you fund your taxis with a loan, you can easily pay it all off within a couple of years.

Note that the typical taxi model where you hire a driver and pay them a monthly or weekly salary is not popular anymore.

You might not find a good driver with this approach, and even if you do, he or she would like to burden you with one maintenance issue to the next. What is predominant these days is to offer the car to the driver on a work-and-pay basis.

How you do this is to insure the vehicle on a comprehensive cover and double the total cost as the future value of the car and apportion it into the number of weeks within 2 years. This will be the weekly payment amount.

Then set up a dedicated bank account for the driver. Let the driver work and deposit the money into the account, and monitor this to ensure that the contract with progressing as it should. make sure you have default clauses in your contract. and remember to set up a vehicle tracker in the car.

9. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most profitable and Lucrative Online Businesses in Ghana you can start with less investment. It is not a fast way to make money online but if you’re dedicated you can earn your living online through blogging.

There are two things you need for a blog, domain, and web hosting. A domain is your web address while a Webhosting is storage for your blog files. Starting a blog in ghana does not cost much, as little as $2.95 per month, one can get a web hosting account and free domain from Bluehost to start a blog. You can create a blog from any niche that is passionate about you.

For those who have interest in Blogging or owning a website but do not have any idea about how to create one, can contact me on 0542191683 or otherwise send me an Email.

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