Categories of employees in Ghana

Category A can be said to be the Article 71 office holders and CEOs

B refers to the workers of GRA, VRA, SSNIT, GNPC, GPHA, AVIATION, GHANA GAS, ECG, BANKS, NEDCO, GWCL, COCOBOD, RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS (CSIRS), FDA, GSA, AUDIT SERVICE, LECTURERS, etc. Most of these institutions generate their incomes and their workers not paid by CAGD. They have bodies which receive money from the ministry of finance and pay themselves.

The workers averagely receive 4500 to 20000 a month. Due to that they never cry much on base pay increment. In festivities like Christmas, Easter, they are given goodies and at times cash to spend these occasions. In fact most own their own accommodations and cars and their living standards are better than category C workers but not as category A workers.

Categories of employees in Ghana

Category C comprises the teachers, nurses, midwives, prison officers, local government workers, fire service, police etc.and with exception of the police, all the rest in this category takes their salary through controller. They are the less paid public workers in Ghana.

Most take between 1000 to 3500. Most have poor living standards and lacks accommodation. Most rent single room apartments with their children congregate in them. Most eat unbalanced diets.

They always complain a lot and cry always on base pay increments. Most render services and their institutions of work do not generate income. We almost 80% of the general public service workers in this categories. Their unions and Union leaders are most rich compared to category A and B unions.

Their union leaders are always corrupt bribed by government and do not care about them. These workers always fear to come out to fight for themselves because of fear of being sacked or victimised.

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