Check and Print Monthly GoG E-Payslip

Check and Print Monthly GoG E-Payslip

GoG E-Payslip

What the GOG ePayslip is about

The GoGPayslip was introduced by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) in October 2013 to improve employees’ payroll for better service delivery.

  • Requirements Needed For ePayslip Registration
  • Employee number
  • Email Address
  • Registration code
  • Secret Password
  • Mobile number
  • How to register for your ePayslip Ghana online
  • Visit the Government of Ghana payslip website HERE
  • You will be asked to input some vital information about yourself for the registration.
  • Enter your employee number; this is a six (6) digit number
  • Confirm Your Employee number
  • Create Your Password
  • Confirm your Password
  • Enter your Registration code
  • Enter e-mail address (optional)
  • Enter a mobile phone number
  • Enter confirmation code show
  • Confirm the captcha and click on REGISTER to finish the registration process.
  • How To Login into the GoG ePayslip portal
  • Open your browser and search for ePayslip or follow this link.
  • Provide your employee number and a valid password.
  • Enter the captcha code shown to log in.
  • Click on Sign in to access the portal.
  • How To Check Monthly payments on the ePaySlip platform
  • The process for checking your Epayslip monthly payments is very is simple and Easy. To Check your
  • Epayslip Monthly payments, follow the steps outlined below

  • Sign in to your E-Payslip account.
  • Select “My Payslip” on the e-payslip dashboard.
  • The system will automatically take you to your current payslip, e.g., February 2021 Payslip.
  • Select the month and year, e.g., February 2021.
  • Click on “Generate.”
  • After Check Monthly payments on the GOG Epayslip portal, our next guide will give you a piece of comprehensive information into how you can download ePayslip monthly report without struggle.
  • How to download ePayslip monthly report
  • Visit the GoG ePayslip here to login.
  • After logging in to your online payslip account,
  • Select the payslip for the month you wish to download. e.g. January 2021
  • Click on the download button at the top side of your payslip.
  • Type in the appropriate name for the file and save it as pdf.
  • How to print ePayslip monthly report
  • If you want to print your E-Payslip, then follow these steps:
  • Visit
  • Enter your Staff ID in the first box.
  • In the next section, enter your CAGD Password.
  • Enter the image verification code.
  • Click on the “Sign In” button to log in to your GoG ePayslip account.
  • Select the month you want to print the payslip, e.g., April 2021 Payslip.
  • Make sure your laptop or computer is connected to a printer.
  • Continue and print your ePayslip from your CAGD GoGpayslip dashboard.

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