Exceptional Lawyer Wu Episode 12 Hours away and preview clips are already causing a stir on social media as fans wonder how Woo will deal with the current dating confusion.

From Lawyer Wu’s father to Mr. Right Lee Junho, everyone seemed to be puzzled by Youngwoo’s answer to the boiling question about their dating status.

While the past few episodes have provided viewers with some of the most heart-wrenching romantic moments in K-drama history, it looks like the upcoming episode will be even more hilarious as Lee Junho asks Young Woo how she thought she wasn’t. t dating. Read more about it in the preview below.

Named one of the best korean dramas of 2022, Exceptional Lawyer Wu He maintains his control with each new episode. Episode 11 of the series has a rating of 14.173% nationwide in Korea according to Nielson Korea Chart, while it also has a rating of 9.1 on IMDb overall.

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  • Screenshot from Netflix media player Episode 11 / ENA

    Exceptional Lawyer Wu Episode 12 will air on August 4 at 9PM KST / 8AM ET / 5AM PST on South Korean network ENA. Later, the episode will air on Netflix at 9:30 AM ET / 10:30 PM KST. Take a look at the global Netflix schedule below.

    • PT: 6.30am PT, Aug 4th
    • Central time: 8.30 a.m. local time, August 4
    • Eastern time: 9.30 a.m. ET, August 4
    • British time: 2.30pm GMT, August 4
    • European time: 3.30 PM CEST, 4 August
    • Indian Time: 7 PM IST, 4th August
    • Philippines time: 9:30 PM in the Philippines, August 4
    • Japan time: 10:30 PM JST, August 4
    • Australian time: 11pm EST, August 4
    • Singapore time: 9.30pm, August 4
    Screenshot from Netflix media player Episode 11 / ENA

    Episode 12 preview

    Ahead of the episode’s release, ENA released an exclusive preview of Episode 12 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, and the comic exchange between Woo and her father was a sight you can’t miss.

    After meeting Lee Junho to kiss Young Woo right in front of their house, Lawyer Woo’s father asks if she’s dating anyone Young Woo says she doesn’t think.

    When her father inquires about the kiss, she shares that they planned to get to know each other by going on a few dates but if they were in the “dating phase” or not, she can’t say for sure. Watch the previously released clip below.

    Later on, Lee Junho appears to be visibly upset by Young Woo’s comment in which he complains to the ex asking how she thought they were not dating.

    Meanwhile, another preview shot shows that Junho and Young Woo will be attending a protest about protecting marine life and that adorable whale hats are already melting hearts.

    Take a look at the preview below.

    Excited for an unusual lawyer Wu? Watch Episode 12 at 9:30 a.m. ET on Netflix here.

    For more K-drama updates, stay tuned HITCKpop.

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