GCB Contact Numbers and Address

GCB Contact Numbers and Address. Ghana Commercial Bank is the leading financial services provider in Ghana through a commitment to superior service and best practice. Their commitment to Ghana and its heritage, values and future are demonstrated every day through the actions that is taken as an organization. This has not, and will not, change.

The portal has made available the contact details of the bank. Check through and make contact with them anytime available.

GCB Contact Numbers and Address

TAKORADI MAINP. O. BOX 475, TAKORADI+233(0)31 2022351-4, MGR: 2023102, MGR:+233(0)596 915635, +233(0)5969 15634[email protected]49 Kofi Annan Rd, Takoradi, Ghana.11(Takoradi Poly)
TAKORADI HARBOURP. O. BOX 707,+233(0)31 MGR: 2022731, OFFICE: 202022534, FAX: 2027309 +233(0)596 915636, +233(0)596 915637[email protected]Papa Gyaesayor St, Takoradi, Ghana.10
TAKORADI MARKET CIRCLEP. O BOX 098, TAKORADI+233(0)31 2023569,  +233(0)059 6915632, +233(0)596 915633[email protected]Layout Alley, Takoradi, Ghana.30
SEKONDIP. O. BOX 101, SEKONDI+233(0)312046746, OFFICE : 2046511 +233(0)596 915638, +233(0)596 915639[email protected]F. Obed Mensah Cres, Sekondi, Takoradi, Ghana.10
Volta P. O. BOX 42, Ho +233(0)277801256, MGR: (0)31 2092655,   +233(0)596 915652, +233(0)596 91565138 Ho – Ho Rd, Ghana.10
TARKWAP. O. BOX 90, TARKWAMGR: +233 244 207 269, FAX: (0)31 2320374/2320394 +233(0)596 915630, +233(0)596 915631[email protected] Post Office Loop, Tarkwa, Ghana.21(UMaT)
PRESTEAP. O. BOX 102, PRESTEAMGR: +233(0)31 2092670, OFFICE: 0244 313089/02777801254  +233(0)596 915642, +233(0)596 915643[email protected]Clement Lnen, Prestea, Ghana.10
AXIMP. O. BOX 55, AXIM+233(0)31 2122408, OFFICE: 2122256,  +233(0)596 915654[email protected]3 Axim Rd, Axim, Ghana.10
HALF – ASSINIP. O. BOX 54, HALF ASSINIMGR:+233(0)31 2094517,  +233(0)596 915644[email protected]Mpataba – Half Assini Rd, Half Assini, Ghana.10
ELUBOP. O. BOX EL 134, ELUBO+233(0)31 2222545, OFFICE: 2222544,  +233(0)596 915648 [email protected]N1, Elubo, Ghana.10
DADIESOPRIVATE MAIL BAG, DADIESO+233(0)244 335 687/277801177  +233(0)596 915650, +233(0)596 915649[email protected]Gyabeso – Dadieso Rd, Dadieso, Ghana.10
ENCHIP. O. BOX 15, ENCHI+233(0)31 2098614/2098648 +233(0)596 915646, +233(0)596 915647[email protected]Enchi – Jensue Rd, Enchi, Ghana.10
SAMREBOIP. O. BOX S40, SAMREBOI+233(0)31 2097520 +233(0)596 915640, +233(0)596 915641[email protected]
GCB Contact Numbers and Address

Note: Ghana Commercial Bank does not work on weekends and hence the bank can only be contacted on weekdays.

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