Sample GES School Uniform for All Professional Teachers in Ghana


Sample GES School Uniform for All Professional Teachers in Ghana. Social media has been awashed with pictures of samples of school uniform likely to be rolled out by the Ghana Education Service in subsequent times.

For sometime now, many social activists and education think tanks have proposed that teachers in Ghana should be made to wear and be represented in a school attire as part of efforts to ensure education sector improvements and clean-ups.


The introduction of special clothing in a profession warrants uniform allowances.

The management of Ghana Education Service must note that where the employer requires an employee to wear any special clothing such as a uniform, dress or any other clothing, the employer will reimburse the employee for any cost of purchase such as clothing and the cost of replacing items when replacement is due to normal wear and tear.


Below are some of the likely samples of GES School Uniform for teachers :

Meanwhile social media users and concerned teachers cannot be mute as different views and replied have met the untimely pictures making rounds on the internet.

Here are some of the comments from social media users:

And how does this uniform for teachers will bring impact to education when it comes to teaching and learning? Be knowledgeable enough to develop this country oooooo! Hm.

Let’s not be surprised if they take some amount from professional development allowance as cost price for the uniform.

Pooling station executives

It’s good for teachers to have a uniform but this color combination is a no for me.

What do you think about uniform for teachers in Ghana ?

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