Get your Portfolio ready, we’re coming- NTC to Newly Trained teachers

The National Teaching Council through an online meeting has informed all Newly trained teachers to get ready as they will start visiting the various schools for the assessment exercise.

The NTC has also disclosed that the exercise will be carried in the second week of September entering third week.

The teachers have been advised to make available the various materials that will be needed during this particular exercise.

The particulars to be made available are:

Scheme of Learning
Lesson note
Letter of Attendance from your head
My Clear bag

The NTC released a communique sometime ago about their time of arrival and start of the exercise and this portal would like to make it available for your perusal.

Read below:


Dear newly trained teacher, you were once notified that some officers from the National Teaching Council would visit our place of service to conduct a portfolio assessment by the end of August.

Following the previous update, the leadership of TTAG received a lot of complaints regarding the assessment since it is first of its kind, and the unfavourable time for the visitation as a result of the vacation of the Primary schools.

Pursuant to the above, the leadership had engaged Mr. Lawrence Sarpong, the Director for Professional Development of teachers, NTC where the date for the visitation has been postponed to second week of September tentative.

Also, the leadership will liaise with him to provide orientation on the portfolio assessment before the actual visitation will be carried out. Any other update regarding this will be given to you in due time. Thank you.

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