Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Interview Date is released for the shortlisted applicants as a final requirement to getting access to the scholarship package. Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Scholarship package is available for everyone who wants to be supported financially to access by first applying through the appropriate platform.

The Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Scholarship package is awarded to brilliant but needy students who have demonstrated so much interest in furthering their studies and are genuinely in need of the scholarship support. Find attach to this post, the date for the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Interview here.

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Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Interview Date

Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Interview Date is date in which the scholarship secretariat conducts the interview session for successful applicants to enable them access the scholarship package and their monies disbursed to them.

The Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Interview is expected to be conducted for 2022/2023 successful applicants on 24th August, 2022.

Top Scholarship Interview Tricks

  1. Try not to show signs of nervousness.
  2. While getting questions fired at you that you have no answer to, ask the judges to clarify the question.
  3. Sit straight when you face the judges, make eye contact.
  4. Don’t do any unnecessary movement.
  5. Don’t fold your arms.
Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Interview Questions

Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Portal Login

Here are a simple steps on how to log into the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat portal:

  1. Open the web address
  2. Create an account to register
  3. Complete the application form and upload academic transcripts, admission letters and academic certificate.
  4. Complete an online aptitude test and be scheduled for a selection interview in your selected district.

Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Contact and Address

LOCATION: North Ridge, GES Council Building, located behind the Accra High School

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HOTLINE: +233302 9629 28, +233302 9629 29, +233302 9629 30, +233302 9629 31

EMAIL: [email protected]

GPS: GA 028-2065

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