The police, teachers, nurses fire service personnel, and other civil servants have very poor remunerations. these servants are take-home salaries at the end of the month is nothing to write home about.
This post will mainly lay emphasis on teachers, they are the most vulnerable of all government workers. After so many years of work you write exams for promotion and they will still fail you as if you are going to be given GH1000 for your promotion. An MP will work for just 4 failed years and receive 6billion old cedis as ex-gratia and a teacher will work for over 30years and receive nothing. No allowances, nonpayment of arrears, no intervention, etc. What kind of country is this. The most annoying issue is when you go to the GES office, you won’t see a single fresh graduate.

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Their teeth have almost removed but they are still occupying the office. The inconsistencies in the messages they received simply mean that the already fragile Education is now annihilated.

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