there is a lot of MultiVersus Mods available for download and one of them is Walter White skin from Too bad.

The game has a great roster available at launch and more characters will be added soon. Rick and Morty He will debut in the recently delayed first season, and the huge list of leaks includes an impressive selection of famous icons from Harry Potter to Gandalf.

One character that hasn’t been leaked is the highly sought after Heisenberg character, but you can download a skin to add it visually to the game on PC.

MultiVersus | The official trailer for the game



MultiVersus | The official trailer for the game





Is Walter White Coming to MultiVersus?

Walter White from Too bad not come to MultiVersus.

Fans on Twitter are calling for Heisenberg to be added to the game, but it hasn’t been leaked unlike many others. In addition, the Too bad The IP is owned by Sony and not by Warner Bros. So it may not be possible for that to happen.

The developers already teased that Future DLC characters aren’t just about WB featuresHowever, they have not officially commented on the possible inclusion of Breaking Bad.

While there is no reason to believe that it will ever be added to the game, there are plenty of great concept art from fans online. These concept arts include fan-made movements with incredible ideas put into them.

How to download mod

You can download a file Too bad Walter White Skin Mod for MultiVersus on gamebanana.

This comes out of courtesy MrWhite4MVS on Twitter. Unfortunately, it’s just skin that replaces Shaath’s visual appearance.

There is no custom set of moves or animations which means Walter White is throwing sandwiches instead of crystal meth. In addition to Heisenberg, there is also a leather modification of Saul Goodman From Better Call Saul.

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