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How to make money with the new teacher’s laptop distributed

How to make money online. The Ghana Education Service(GES) has started the distribution of the teachers mate laptop (TM1) with just few regions left to be covered.

This education portal has made available some side businesses teachers can can start online in order to boost their income. Taking a cue from the very lives of successful people worldwide shows that in order to create wealth one cannot rely on salary when there’s so much pressure in and around. The best you can do is to look for something doing which will keep you afloat for life.

Side businesses you can start online

1. You can start a social media marketing business. Market your own business or market other people’s business and get a commission or become a jumia marketing consultant.

2. Another business available, blogging. You can start blogging and monetize with google, use wordpress or blogger platforms or use a facebook page for blogging and monetize it by advertising people’s businesses on your page. Same with instagram.

3. You can as well start Website design business. All can be achieved by learning more about wordpress or blogger etc.

4. You can start online classes, or a small online school for primary, JHS, SHS students, promote it with facebook ads.

5. You can start a graphic design business, search and join whatsaap groups on facebook that teach graphic design.

6. You can also start computer classes for pupils in your area. Teach Paint, MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, browsing the internet and also introduction to E-mail.

7. If you are into music, download FL Studio (Fruity Loops) and start making beats and sell beats or buy recording mic, and sound card and start a small recording studio.

8. You can become a social media influencer by gaining tonnes of followers on social media like facebook, instagram and charge people to advertise on your page. You can gain followers by posting funny videos and funny memes.

9. You can become an internet evangelist if you are a pastor or aspiring to be a pastor. Hold live sessions and engage your followers. You can make money by selling ebooks on your engagements like Bishop DagHeward Mills and other pastors write books and sell. You can also promote your ministry if you plan of starting your own church.

10. You can exhibit your talent online maybe on tiktok or youtube and you could become a social media star or influencer, then you charge people and advertise for them on your page.

Hope you find the above article worth reading. Kindly comment in the box below on what you think.

How to make money with the new teacher’s laptop distributed

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