How to Recover Lost or Damaged BECE/WASSCE Certificate


How to Recover Lost or Damaged BECE/WASSCE Certificate-There are times that people lose their BECE Certificates or lose their WASSCE Certificates due several factors.

Whenever such things happen there is nothing best you can do to recover your lost or damaged West African Examinations Council (WAEC) BECE or WASSCE certificate in Ghana than to follow the directives outlined in this portal.


Certificates normally sent to the schools for collection by individual candidates. Certificates are produced once, and so certificates which get lost or damaged after collection are not recovered or replaced.
Before we continue with what you can do to recover your lost or damaged WAEC certificate, lets first cautioned you on behalf of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) that results upgrading is fake and not part of the Council’s process.

The Head of Public Affairs of WAEC, Mrs Agnes Teye-Cudjoe in an interview monitored by stated that WAEC does not and will never upgrade any result, she added that “no WAEC staff will also contact you in any way to upgrade your result for you”


The WAEC spokesperson’s comment follows some unscrupulous persons on social media claiming to be working with WAEC and promising to upgrade result of students at a fee.

According to Mrs Agnes Teye-Cudjoe, the WAEC database is secured and can not be tampered with. She said the Council has a system for institutions and tertiary for checking the authenticity of any WAEC results or certificate so any forged one will be easily identified.

How to Recover Lost or Damaged BECE/WASSCE Certificate

How to Recover Lost or Damaged BECE/WASSCE Certificate

The West African Examinations Council does not issue duplicate certificates.

The Council, however, now issues Attestation of Results for certificates which have been misplaced or damaged. The attestation of result is as valid as the certificate. Users who wish could confirm the details on the document with the Council.

Since WAEC does not issue duplicate certificate or another original certificates aprt from the one sent to the various schools, they issue Attestation of Result.

How to Apply for WAEC Attestation of Result

WAEC Attestation of Results are issued to individual candidates or persons for their possession. The Attestation must be collected personally by applicants from the offices of the Council in Accra or the regions. For the issuance of the Attestation, applicants will be required to provide the following details:

  • Your Name (in full as used in the examination)
  • The Name, Month and Year of Examination
  • Your Index Number
  • Passport photograph.
  • A valid identification document.
  • GH¢350.00 Subject to review by the council.

Click here to fill your online Attestation Result request form and enter the necessary details as required

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