List of Accra Institute of Technology Sandwich Courses 2022/2023. It is announced for the information of prospective applicants and the general public that the University is offering the underlisted sandwich programmes, leading to the award of Degrees.

The programmes will be run on the main University campus, during the long vacation, normally referred to as the Third Semester –from June to August 2022. Each cohort of admitted students on these programmes will therefore study over two long vacation periods to obtain the equivalence of one academic year (or two semesters).

List of Accra Institute of Technology Sandwich Courses 2022/2023

Faculty of Educational Studies

  1. Post-Diploma Guidance & Counselling
  2. Post-Diploma Early Childhood Education
  3. Post-Diploma Basic Education
  4. Post Diploma Special Needs Education
  5. Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Development
  6. Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Development (Preschool)
  7. Certificate in Sign Language

Faculty of Foreign Language Education and Communication

  1. Diploma in French Education
  2. Certificate in French
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School of Creative Arts

  1. Post-Diploma in Art Education
  2. Post-Diploma in Graphic Design
  3. Diploma in Art Education
  4. Diploma in Graphic Design

Faculty of Science Education

  1. Post-Diploma in Health Administration and Education (Nursing)

Faculty of Education and Communication Science

  1. Diploma in Education

Faculty of Technical Education

  1. B. Sc. Mechanical Technology Education
  2. B.Sc. Automotive Technology Education
  3. B. Sc. Wood Technology Education
  4. B. Sc. Construction Technology Education
  5. B. Sc. Electricals and Electronics Technology Education
  6. Post Diploma in Mechanical Technology Education
  7. Post-Diploma Automotive Technology Education
  8. Post Diploma in Wood Technology Education
  9. Post Diploma Construction Technology Education
  10. Post Diploma Electricals and Electronics Technology Education

Faculty of Vocational Education

  1. B. Sc. Fashion Design & Textiles Education
  2. B. Sc. Catering & Hospitality Education
  3. Post Diploma in B.Sc. Fashion Design &Textiles Education
  4. Post Diploma in B.Sc. Catering and Hospitality

Faculty of Science and Environment Education

  1. B. Sc. Environmental Health & Sanitation Education (Top-Up)
  2. Diploma in Environmental Health and Sanitation Education
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Faculty of Education and General Studies A
Accra Institute of Technology

Sandwich Diploma Courses

  • Diploma In Agriculture Technology;
  • Diploma in Biotechnology;
  • Diploma in Family and Consumer Sciences;
  • Diploma In Agricultural Education;
  • Diploma in Social Change Communication;
  • Diploma in Basic Education.
  • Diploma in Social Science Education
  • Diploma in Business Education
  • Diploma in Science Education
  • Diploma in Mathematics Education
  • Diploma in Basic Education
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Care Education
  • Diploma in Development Education
  • Diploma in Education
  • Diploma in Natural Resource Management

Masters Programmes

  • Master of Commerce (Options: Banking and Finance, Accounting, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, and Human Resources Management)
  • M.Sc. in Accounting
  • MA in Management Studies
  • MA in Leadership and Development
  • MA in Business Planning and Microfinance Management
  • Development Studies
  • MA in Social Administration
  • MA in Environment and Resource Management
  • MA in Development Economics
  • MA in Peace and Development Studies
  • MA in Development Communication
  • PhD Endogenous Development
  • M.Sc. in Development Management
  • M.Sc. in Strategic Planning and Management
  • MA in Community Development
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education
  • M.Ed in Training and Development
  • M.Ed. in Agriculture
  • M.A. in Development Education
  • M.A. in Non-Governmental Organization Management and Rural Development
  • M.A. Environmental Security and Livelihood Change
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For applicants seeking admission into Diploma must possess three (3) credits passes in the area of specialization (elective subjects) and at least two passes (D7 or better) in English Language and Mathematics is required.

Applicants 25 years and above but with weak grades can also apply. Such applicants must show proof of age with birth certificate or any legitimate documentary proof and will enroll for a six-week (6) bridging programme to prepare them for admission.

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