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The new English Premier League season is around the corner, and everyone is trying to predict how the season will end.

One of the teams that is hard to predict with this term is Leeds United.

The white team is very exciting and heading into this season.

It’s Yorkshire’s first full season after Marcelo Bielsa, and they’ve spent big on fixing their squad, but at the same time, they’ve sold two of their best players and narrowly avoided relegation last season.

Leeds can finish anywhere from the top half to the bottom three, and former white team boss Neil Warnock has now tried to predict where he thinks the Elland Road side will finish this season.

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Warnock beat Leeds in 14th placeThe tenthAnd that might be a fair prediction.

Jesse Marsh’s squad was completely unconvincing last season, and after losing Calvin Phillips and Ravenha, there’s reason to believe they might be in the bottom half again this term.

However, a number of exciting additions along with the fact that some other teams at the end of the table have fallen behind could see Leeds’ position improve the term.

Of course, 14The tenthYou won’t see Leeds reach the peak of the 2020/21 season, but this is a different team and 14The tenth It would be more than just a respectable ending.

It’s almost impossible to predict anything in the Premier League, but it’s certainly not a disgrace to say that Leeds will be where Warnock expects it to be.

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