Nurses Have not Received 8 Months NSS Allowance

Newly graduated Nurses from the nursing training colleges in the country have reportedly not received their eight months National Service Allowance since they started their service to the country in February this year.

The aggrieved nurses have been pouring out their grievances since they find it difficult to provide themselves with three square meals in a day.

Information reaching shows that National Service Scheme always forwards allowances to the Ministry of Health where a top up is made before disbursement is made to all Nurses Personnels.

The story for this years National Service for Nurses have changed as they have not even been validated nor undergone biometric verification in their eighth year.

When will they be validated before payment starts?

The question is, what is the reason behind all these delays? What do they expect the nurses to be living on, taking into account the economic atmosphere of the country now.

What is their association doing about this saddening development?

I don’t know why issues with regards to allowances are connected with delays and procrastinations in the country.

It is high time leaders and stakeholders are made to understand the plights and grievances of the nurses and take swift action to settle all outstanding arears.

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