COVID-19: All over the world there was covid 19 and countries paid non refundable relief packages ranging from money to life saving items to it citizens and Workers. Some are still enjoying same today but we in Ghana were deceived with a water package which if we had known the outcome we wouldn’t have used. Today we pay extra plus a whole tax component which has made life unbearable for us in the country.
Workers all over the country were in high anticipation that salaries will be increased by a reasonable percentage enough, that can leverage the negative economic impact on workers and their families only to be hit by what I will describe as ” Ku mi prÉ›ku” percentage for lack of a better description.

Again, the deaths that occurred worldwide cause an automatic retrenchment and not the mere hardship it brought, the reason European and Asian companies are recruiting massively today to fill both labour and economic deficits. So it beats my imagination to see Ghana government tried to use covid-19 as a yardstick to manipulate our labour leadership into believing that the only option would have been retrenchment and once that wasn’t done, salaries should not see it usual or even more increment?
Which sector will government have caused the lay-off, is it the GES, GHS or local government?

And for this I dare to conclude that our labour leadership have failed us woefully that if it is possible they suffer the consequences.


Government should have rather realized that things are tough and getting tougher day by day that the introduction of the new taxes i.e a Covid-19 Health Levy, 1% on VAT Flat Rate Scheme (VFRS) and a 1% on National Health Insurance Levy (NHIL),
Energy Sector Recovery Levy of 20 pesewas per litre on fuel, review of road tolls,
Sanitation and Pollution levy and
financial sector cleanup levy taxes should have been considered and reconsidered before it introduction and implementation.

Today, fuel price have gone up countless times, food items, drugs and medical treatment, services, light, transportation, spare parts and almost prices of commodities and services rise daily and weekly in this country. And so my question is, on what basis have the labour leadership accepted or negotiated the 5-7% salary increment. Are they really aware of the pre and now economic inconveniences the covid-19 have subjected workers and their families to? Or just for the mere fact that they have been specially sought out or what?

Is the percentage agreed on supposed to mitigate the already deteriorated life conditions of workers or they accepted just ” anything because something is better than nothing at all“?
If that is the case then they have slept on their job and all workers all over the country must rise with a demand that the needful should be done as soon as possible.

This increment is as equal as government’s earlier decision not to have salaries increased. And for the saying that ” if it must be done it must be done well“, I must say that this is not the case and I share in the anger of all workers in this regard. But also to add that this kind of treatment only paves way for stealing, malfeasance and all forms of unacceptable behaviours at work places.

Moreover, the economy can not be isolated from humans, for if the nation makes money and the citizens die or wears off, what will be the benefit?

If even 15% salary increment for 2021 wouldn’t mitigate the current economic inconveniences that workers have been through last year till this time then what will 5-7% do?

Humans are the economy so that if government is projecting higher productivity with this conditions, then they shouldn’t because they have shot themselves right in the foot already.

Come to think of it, when was the last time that figures of minimum wage rise above that of base pay? Or is the public sector not in the same country as the private sector in this covid times?

And so therefore, I am by this release calling on all workers to wake up and join hands with me to;

A. Tell our leadership that they have failed and betrayed us.

B. Tell government that their proposal is not acceptable and we the masses reject it and are treating it with the most contempt that it deserves.

I conclude finally with the popular saying of being “a citizen and not a spectator”.

Fix our salaries now

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I go by the name, Wise Asamoah. I am a teacher and a very passionate Blogger. I am very friendly and like to browse the internet and do research. I listen to music a lot. Kindly chat or call me on 0542191683/0593092659.

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