Pictures of Teacher’s Uniform Circulating on Social Media could be Photoshop- GES DG

The Director General of the Ghana Education Service has waded into the school uniform for basic school teachers making waves on the social media. According to the Education Director, such pictures could be personal clothing of such individuals or even Photoshop pictures.

Read his comments below:


I’ve seen these pictures of some purported GES teachers in a prescribed uniform for work circulating.

GES is not a mushroom agency. It’s the largest Gov’t agency in Ghana. We employ more than half of all Gov’t employees. If we want to introduce uniforms for teachers we won’t do that through social media and over the weekend.

I guess it’s some group of teachers who’ve decided to have a uniform. Or it could even be photoshop. We may have to look for those in the pictures to first find out if indeed they’re teachers and if they’re what’s their motivation for the uniform.

In this era of unionized labour GES cannot introduce a uniform for teachers without engaging the teacher unions.
Issues relating to who pays, govt or individuals, the fabric, etc. would all have to be discussed.

Any national project of this kind may have to be announced and possibly launched OFFICIALLY.

Thank you!.

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