Salary of a Diploma and Graduate Nurse (2022)

Salary of a diploma nurse-Getting to know the salary structure of a diploma or a graduate nurse is one sure way to getting yourself abreast with how much they earn so you can draw your interest line here. Unfortunately, in Ghana the the salary of a diploma or a graduate nurse is not encouraging which triggers a lot of strike actions for a pay rise. If you are in Ghana and you want become a nurse, then you must know how much a diploma or a graduate nurse earn in Ghana.

How much does a diploma nurse earn in Ghana ?

Ghanaian Nurses in the lower grade earn between GHC2,000 – GHC3,000 per month. Senior Ghanaian Nurses earn between GHC3,000 – GHC5,000 per Month.

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Professors earn the most, and their salary is expected to be far above GHC96,000 per annum.

It is worthy of note that nurses are paid depending on institutions. For instance, the salary of staff nurses and psychiatric nurses is more than that of a general nurse, however, their pay is not that good either.

Salary of a nurse in Ghana

Nurse ClassificationSalary Structure
Certificate NurseThey earn GHC 750 monthly
Diploma NurseThey earn GHC900 and above
Degree NurseThey earn GHC1600-2000 monthly


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