Buy E-Voucher: UCC Admission Portal

UCC Admission PortalThe UCC Admission Portal is open to the general public to apply. The academic board through a unanimous decision has announced to the general public that its admission portal for the year is opened. Interested persons or applicants for any of the application mode should do so. UCC Admission Portal UCC Admission Portal|UCC […]

How to Apply: UCC Five Semester Sandwich Programme,Requirements 2022/2023

The portal for the UCC Five Semester Sandwich Courses and Programme has been opened and management has announced this via the official website. Applicants into the yearly five semester programme are expected to log into the portal to check their qualification. Each year UCC opens the portal for the admission of applicants into Sandwich system […]

List of UCC Sandwich Courses 2022/2023

List of UCC Sandwich Courses 2022/2023. It is announced for the information of prospective applicants and the general public that the University is offering the underlisted sandwich programmes, leading to the award of Degrees. The programmes will be run on the main University campus, during the long vacation, normally referred to as the Third Semester […]

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