Teachers are to do these things before the NTC Officials get to their region

The National Teaching Council NTC (NTC) has begun issuance of licence cards to professional teachers across the country. The council has however adopted a movement plan for every region they attend to.

The plan applies to all regions where the council will be moving to. It is therefore key for all teachers to study the activities to be undertaken and the necessary corrections made before the actual date of issuance.

Teachers are tonjot that if the factors listed below are not attained before the officials from NTC gets to your region, then you are likely not to be issued the card.

Teachers are to make themselves available at the centres. Work starts at 7.00am prompt each day.

All teachers who have not yet received their license number are expected to go back the portal and make sure they have attained the 100% mark by doing the following;

  1. Ensure that all their details have been entered correctly and accurately on the portal.
  2. Ensure that they click “save” after they have entered their details before clicking on “Next”.
  3. Ensure they have uploaded all required documents appropriately ie first appointment letter, First professional certificate, Gazette if name on certificate differs from what you keyed on the portal and any other relevant document required to be uploaded.
  4. Ensure that name and other personal details are spelt correctly and accurately.

However, the various education directorates are advised to ensure the availability of Veronica buckets at the centres for hand washing. And also ensure that the List of teachers taking their licenses is made available at each centre.

Every teacher is comply with the above to ensure a smooth exercise devoid of significant challenges.

Also all professional teachers who are yet to register on the portal to do so before next the officials arrive in your region whiles ensuring compliance with the above. The general public is urged to note that this exercise is only for PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS.

Thank you all for your attention.



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