UDS Hospital Medical Examination Forms for Fresh Students

UDS Hospital Medical Examination Forms for Fresh Students is available for students to have access. The University has made available the Medical Examination Requirements for students to follow.

The management of University For Development Studies (UDS) has released the Hospital Medical Examination Forms for students. Go through and get yourself what you need.

  1. Download the following forms from the University website:
    i. Confidential Medical Report
    ii. Laboratory Report
    iii. X-ray Form
    iv. Fresh Students’ Oral Screening Form
    v. Eye Screening Form & Fresh Students’ Eye Examination Report
  2. Portions of the forms must be filled by Students appropriately.
  3. Visit the Laboratory Unit of the University Hospital with the
    Laboratory report form to collect specimen containers, and also for
    your blood sample to be taken.
  4. Report at the X-ray Unit with the X-ray form for the necessary
    procedures to be done.
  5. Report at the Dental Clinic with the oral form for the oral examination.
  6. Report at the Eye Clinic with its forms for the eye screening.
  7. Go back to the Laboratory and X-ray Units for the respective results,
    and proceed to the OPD for procedures on weight, height, and blood
  8. The OPD In-Charge will schedule your consultation with a Medical
    Officer for the medical examination and completion of the Confidential
    Medical Report.
  9. Submit a photocopy of the completed Confidential Medical Report as
    well as your NHIS details (if available) and two (2) passport sized
    photographs to HIRU (Records) Unit.
  10. A hospital records card would be issued to you by HIRU (Records) if
    they are satisfied with step 9.
  11. The original copy of the Confidential Medical Report should be
    submitted to the Directorate of Academic Affairs for further action.
  12. Students are advised to keep photocopies of the Confidential Medical
    Report for future references.

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UDS Hospital Medical Examination Forms for Fresh Students

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