🔰We the leaders of this noble group called on you not to take glory from you but to together with you give glory to the Most High God for how far he has brought us all.

🤝We Thank all group members for your cooperation and compromising with us.

🤝We Thank the registrar of NTC for honouring his words though we aren’t there yet, we trust he is peace loving indeed and will fulfil his promises even as he has started.

We all know NTC does not recruit but gives the green light for recruitment and meeting with the registrar on the 9th of August 2021, he re-interated it’s NTC’s wish to licence more teachers for GES. to open the portal till December, 2021.

So those who will make it will as well be recruited. He said they’ll work with time to justify their claim.

♻️However members of the noble house, we can all bare with one another that though we are fighting for common goal wishing we all sail through successfully, some may become a mirage, since many are involved in the fight.

🔰Even as we throw this big challenge to NTC, we must as well be up and doing so as to justify our stand, if not at all, this noble group members who believed they did well must sit up.

If not, anyone here which may rise against NTC/GES. in the near future for no justifications will never prevail/gain grounds.

We must all strive hard to pass so as to vindicate our positions and restore the good image NTC once had.

May we all trust NTC once again for we’re never enemies. Let’s trust majority will pass this time around, if not all, so this group will be dissolved peacefully

🔰We your leaders are in the same soup with you and wouldn’t condone/allow any victim/victims to hide under our umbrella to tarnish the groups image or NTC’s image without any justifications.

🔰We having issues with NTC. today doesn’t mean forever it will be, even when the right thing is done.
Respecting the assurance of the registrar, this noble platform would never serve as a precedence to subsequent prospective teachers who may not suffer what we are suffering.

🔰Please let’s all spread the good news to register and write again and we must as well sit up, learn and pass.

We are convinced if not best ever, it’ll be better this time around. It doesn’t depend on only NTC but us as well.

🚫There are rumours already that NTC has decided to set tough questions so as to defend/punish us. Please let’s disregard that.

The registrar said categorically that it is their wish to increase the intake and I hope we all have roles to play in bringing this dream to reality.

♻️Crowning it all, please irrespective of what ever might have happened let’s at least for the sake of the registrar’s assurance once again believe we are at the heart of NTC, we are interdependent and we are not enemies.

Thank you.


We’ll update you on anything new.

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