WAEC Registration Portal. Are you a Ghanaian who wants to register for private BECE or WASSCE ? This portal has made it convenient for you to even apply for BECE Certificate and also Apply for WASSCE Certificate at your own convenience. The WAEC Registration Portal is very easy to use and helps you do all manner of WAEC Registrations.

How to Access WAEC Registration Portal

  • You must ensure that you supply all entries correctly.
  • Once you create a user account, you must verify your account by logging to your Email Address to retrieve the Verification details sent to your mail.
  • You can click on the link sent to your Mail to Verify your account or you can use the Verify User
  • If you have earlier registered and you cannot remember your password, use forgot password
  • If you already have registered and verified your account details, Click Here to log in

WAEC Registration Portal


If you apply for BECE Certificate or you apply for WASSCE Certificate, in order to retrieve the such the certificate from WAEC, one has to fill the WAEC CERTIFICATE COLLECTION FORM:

  • Name of candidate
  • Address
  • Name of Examination
  • Month & Year of Examination
  • Index Number
  • Subjects:
  • Attach a recent passport-sized photograph fully endorsed by one of the
  • underlisted as Witness:
  • A Commissioned Officer of the Armed Forces (Major and above)
  • A Senior Civil Servant
  • A Qualified and Registered Medical Practitioner (Herbalist not accepted)
  • A Solicitor or Barrister (Commissioner of Oaths not accepted)
  • An assistant Director of a Public Secondary School or Training College

NB: A valid form of identification is required (e.g. Voter’s ID Card, Driver’s License,
Passport, etc)
Full Name of Witness


  • Full name of Recipient
  • Certificate Number

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