I have been following the conversations very closely. I would like to say that, I love the zeal you people are putting in mounting pressure on the government. I say Ayekoo.
All the members of this Coalition should notice this.

  1. No one is above the Law including the President himself. The 1992 constitution is only the Supreme law of Ghana and everybody is under it.
  2. All the Fundamental Human rights entrenched in the Constitution must be enjoyable by everyone in the country Ghana.
  3. All the Article 71 holders are employed by we the citizens. In this case we the citizens needs to determine their salary.
  4. No human born of a woman can deny us of our Fundamental Human right.



  1. Currently we are almost 13000 Ghanaians on this platform. This include all kinds of workers which services are most important to the country. Our numbers alone is encouraging. This shows that we have now realized our rights.
  2. We need to demand a total overhaul of our salaries. This should include all the attached allowances and conditions of service. Sometimes I cry that our article 71 holders even take belt, flying tyre allowance.
  3. I want our leaders of our Noble Coalition should gather momentum to tell the whole group members should go on sit down strike for only one week. This means that we go to work but we will not work. Let us bare in mind that no one in this country including the President can fire or sack any worker. We are backed by law. This strike will shake the country. The government will declare a state of emergency about our salaries.
  4. These are the following demands we will demand from the government.

All the article 71 holders with exception of the President, Vice President, Speaker of Parliament, Chief Justice and all Heads of Security agencies should use public transport to work. This is backed by the 1992 constitution.

  1. Our salaries should be 50% of the Article 71 holders with all the allowances and conditions of service.
  2. Until they meet our demand we will proceed to total strike.
  3. Court is not an option because all the Judges from the High Court up to Supreme Court is part of the Article 71 holders.

Gyagri Fighton Baalaah

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