Several web sites point out that Raymond had a web value between $1.5 million and $2 million on the time of his demise. We can justify this data by analyzing the typical wage an individual earns, and a dedication to Briggs’ profession as an illustrator, cartoonist, graphic novelist, and writer.

According to Glassdoor, a cartoonist/animator within the United States makes a mean of $76,379 per yr with a base wage of $39,588. Furthermore, the estimated extra quantity on this occupation is $36,791 yearly. However, the numbers offered fluctuate relying on which firm the painters belong to.

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In the context of England, the typical annual wage of a cartoonist or animator is roughly £116,000. The lowest wage is £53,400 and the very best is £185,000. It is the standard annual wage after housing, transportation and different utilities. Pay for cartoonists and animators varies tremendously relying on elements together with expertise, competence, gender, and area.

Raymond Briggs has a net worth in the millions, approximately $1.5 million to $2 million
Raymond Briggs has a web value within the thousands and thousands, roughly $1.5 million to $2 million (Source:

Explorer’s wage calculates that if a cartoonist’s expertise stage is between fifteen and twenty years, the anticipated compensation is £159,000 per yr, which is 9% greater than somebody with ten to fifteen years of expertise. Similarly, cartoonists with greater than twenty years of expertise earn £172,000 a yr, which is 8% larger than these with fifteen to twenty years of expertise. Given that Briggs has over 50 years of expertise within the subject, he has earned greater than what is said above whereas he was wholesome and alive.

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Also, Briggs was concerned in collaborative variations of his work in animation and musicals whereas there, which elevated his web value and earnings. Therefore, it is fairly justified to say that Briggs had a web value of $2 million upon his demise; He may have extra.

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