Since 1987, some have been waiting for the perfect sequel to John McTiernan’s Predator. It’s a classic sci-fi game but the general consensus is that the sequels are nowhere near living up to the original.

Hopes were incredibly high for Shane Black’s The Predator in 2018, since he’s a famous filmmaker and even starred in the movie that started the franchise. However, it turned out to be more divisive than expected. However, Dan Trachtenberg rose to the challenge.

Instead of moving forward with the series, he brought it back.

Prey is a prequel and takes place in the year 1719, focusing on a young Comanche warrior named Naru (played by Amber Midthunder). She wants to be a fisherman and spends a lot of her time training, but her village does not take her seriously because she is a woman.

On the other hand, an opportunity arises when a mysterious alien hunter arrives on Earth and begins taking out both animals and humans. Could she be the one who killed him?

The movie has been highly praised since its release and the look of the movie was one of the highlights. Speaking of looks, where was Bray filmed?

prey | Commercial Record. Twentieth Century Studios

Where was Brie filmed?

The entire prey was shot in Alberta.

In fact, The Cinemaholic reports that much of the Predator prequel was filmed specifically in Calgary, Rafter Six Ranch.

Filming was initially expected to take place in May 2021 under the working title “Skulls,” delays caused the cast and crew to start production a month later.

They wrapped filming in Canada’s Western Province in September.

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More Filming Locations Prey

Radio Times reported that many of the main sequences were filmed in and around Calgary, a large city in the province of Alberta. Dive more specifically, the footage was taken at Stoney Nakoda First Nation, west of Calgary.

Not only that, but areas like the Elbow River and Moose Mountain near Calgary have proven to be valuable in conveying the sense of a secluded location; A woman surrounded by the mortal threats of nature, along with the beauty of it all.

The Rafter Six Ranch. It is located in Exshaw – a small village in the province of Alberta – you can check the site here.

prey | Official Announcement



prey | Official Announcement





“Let this beauty speak for itself”

Cinematographer Jeff Cater spoke with SlashFilm about capturing the landscapes found in Prey as naturally as possible:

“The approach we talked about was to be as natural as we can be. It doesn’t seem too strange, but to respect nature and respect the landscapes in which we have been allowed to photograph. Instead of trying to simplify things overly or overly complicate things, let that beauty He speaks for himself.”

He continued, “The less impact we have on it, the less artificial light, I think it’s just a general approach to not put anything between the audience and the movie. If you start to become very self-aware of lighting or things that don’t feel real to you, I think you’ll walk out of the movie…”

Prey is broadcast exclusively on Hulu and Disney+.

In other news, how to watch Prey Comanche cut Hulu and Disney Plus

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