Who is Blaire White? Age, Husband, Net Worth


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Who is Blaire White?


Blaire White is an American YouTuber and political pundit who was born on September 14, 1993. White, who describes her beliefs as center-right, has openly criticized leftist organizations and gained notoriety as one of the few openly trans YouTube content artists.

“My first memories were those of gender dysphoria: feeling uncomfortable in my skin and incapable of achieving male ideals,” wrote White, describing how she experienced gender dysphoria from an early age. She started feminizing hormone therapy in 2015 when she was 20 years old and came out to her family and friends.


White participated in a friend’s live stream while she was a computer science student at California State University, Chico, and commentators pushed her to launch her own YouTube channel. White claimed to be a “social justice fighter” and to have liberal political views prior to joining YouTube, but she said that after enrolling in college, her opinions evolved.

 Blaire White Age: How old is Blaire White?

Blaire White is an American YouTuber and political pundit who was born on September 14, 1993.

She is now 29 years old.

Who is Blaire White Husband?

Blaire White is not married. She is not presently dating anyone. Blaire has at least one former relationship. Blaire White has never been wed before.

She grew up in California where she was born. Our records show that she is childless. Blaire maintains the secrecy of her personal and romantic life, like many other prominent people and celebrities.

What Is Blaire White Net worth?

Blaire White has an estimated net worth of about $467.38 thousand.

An American YouTuber named Blaire White has more than 981,000,000 subscribers. 209 videos have been uploaded since it began six years ago.

Through 4 August 2022, Blaire White’s channel will have a $1,048,672 net value. The channel features videos in the genres of technology and lifestyle.

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