Who is Thomas Capano? Age, Wife, Net Worth


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Who is Thomas Capano?


Former Delaware deputy attorney general and disbarred American lawyer Thomas Joseph Capano (October 11, 1949 – September 19, 2011) was found guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend Anne Marie Fahey in 1996.

A well-known Democrat, Thomas Capano was one of four brothers. Capano came from a well-known family of Delaware builders and real estate developers.


Thomas Capano Age: How old is Thomas Capano?

Capano, Thomas Joseph born October 11, 1949 is 73 years old. In 1994, Capano was a partner at the Saul Ewing LLP office in Wilmington when he started dating Anne Marie Fahey, the governor’s appointments secretary at the time, who was 28 years old.

Capano, who was married and had four daughters, split up with Kay the next year.

Who is Thomas Capano Wife?

Capano, who was married and had four daughters, split up with Kay the next year.

Fahey started dating Michael Scanlan in September 1995 while still having a relationship with Capano.

What is Thomas Capano Net worth?

He misled Anne Marie into believing he was wealthier than Louie, yet his net worth did exceed $5 million.

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