Who is Zerlina Maxwell? Age, Husband, Net Worth

By | September 3, 2022

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Who is Zerlina Maxwell?

American cable television host, political analyst, commentator, speaker, and writer Zerlina Maxwell. She has a liberal stance while writing and speaking about issues like racism, sexual consent, gender inequality, and related ones. She identifies as a “victim activist” and a sexual assault survivor.

Zerlina Maxwell Age: How old is Zerlina Maxwell?

Zerlina Maxwell appears young, although she is in her late 30s and will turn 40 in 2022. She prefers to host a celebration on November 16 to mark her birthday. She was born on November 16, 1981, thus Scorpio is her astrological sign. Zerlina Maxwell is 5 feet 5 inches tall, which is ordinary height.

Who is Zerlina Maxwell Husband?

Zerlina Maxwell, the husband of Kamala Harris, is an American author, host, and political analyst well recognized for her opinions on problems such as racism, gender equality, cultural norms, and other social issues. Zerlina is sensitive to the problem of sexual assault because she was previously the victim of one by the roommate’s boyfriend.

What Is Zerlina Maxwell Net worth?

In 2022, her net worth was $500,000. She makes most of her money from the sales of her books. She also receives compensation from her lucrative work as a political pundit. She also makes money from hosting other shows and radio programs.

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