Why are people celebrating this lazy teacher?-Educationist quizzes

A lecturer at the School of Distance Education at the University of Cape Coast, Counselor Daniel Afenyi has described the methodology used by a teacher who received praises from netizens as a lazy approach.

The teacher who put out a very attractive drawings on a black board and had a pose with it has been described as a lazy teacher by the said educationist cum counselor.

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He also described the teacher as someone who needs help an called on the Ghana Education Service (GES) to as matter of urgency provide help by organizing regular in-service and orientation training for their employees.

“People seem praising the teacher in the picture below for the “good work” in drawing on the board. The topic I see is “People who need our help”.

Why are people celebrating this lazy teacher? (I refer him lazy because I don’t want to admit he lacks knowledge in teaching)?

Such beautiful, realistic and socially-relatable concept is best taught with ROLE PLAY or DRAMATISATION. Do you draw human beings on the board when REAL human beings (the pupils) are there and can be assigned to role play or dramatise the concept?

Thankfully, many of those celebrating this are not even teachers (and therefore lack skills on pedagogy). Obviously the teacher took the picture because he himself thinks he’s done some good work.

I don’t know if GES regularly conducts in-service and orientation training for their employees. If they don’t, I entreat them to immediately do so. I see many of such pictures of Teachers’ drawing on the board flying on social media. It seems to be the new trend now. Whack teachers broadcasting ignorance. GES MUST STOP THIS!

If a teacher teaches such beautiful socially practical topic in abstract, how will he treat an abstract-bias topic like “air circulation” too?

Stop “Abstracting” practical concepts.

Stop making “syto” pupils dumb.

Stop broadcasting ignorance and cheapening the profession”

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