Netflix retained documentary content in 2022, and has gone on to prove why the platform is often closely associated with offering a steady stream of non-fiction content.

One of the most recently dropped services has generated a lot of discussion online which is fitting given that it dives into a character who has achieved online infamy.

The Internet’s Most Hated Man is a three-part limited series that began airing on Wednesday, July 27, 2022. At the heart of the story is Hunter Moore. IsAnyoneUp launched in 2010 and the documentary chronicles its impact on its creator, who posted on the site and those who tirelessly tried to stop it.

As you work on the three installments, you may find yourself asking a fairly prevalent question about Hunter Moore and IsAnyoneUp. That is, why did he do that in the first place?

The most hated man on the Internet. Commercial Record. Netflix © 2022

Why did Hunter Moore start IsAnyoneUp?

The Sun reports that Hunter Moore started IsAnyoneUp after being left by a grieving woman.

IsAnyoneUp is widely considered the first ever revenge porn site, so the creation of the site can be considered an act of revenge in itself.

“It all started with me hating some stupid people who broke my heart,” Moore explained in an archive clip that appeared on the Netflix docu series. “My friends and I were posting a bunch of girls on IsAnyoneUp, and we just got a lot of hits one day. And I was like, ‘Yo, I can make money from ***** and ***** people more.”

Moore was 26 when the site was launched and his presence encouraged users to anonymously post nude photos of women. In many cases, users post explicit photos of their ex-partners as an act of revenge for the breakup. Not only that, but some will accompany photos with the victim’s social media handles and personal information.

The Internet’s Most Hated Man Official Trailer | Netflix



The Internet’s Most Hated Man Official Trailer | Netflix





Is IsAnyoneUp Still Online?

No, if you go to the URL, you will be redirected to James McGibney’s AnyoneUp.

The Cinemaholic reports that McGibney bought the site from Moore in 2012 and the web entrepreneur explains the situation on the site’s homepage:

“I took charge and shut down the vile revenge porn website, but my business was not done. We are building an online community that helps victims of bullying, stalking and harassment – instead of asking for a donation, I invite you to join the team as an investor in AnyOneUp, Inc. .”

He adds that “under no circumstances will we charge the victim for our services”, but asks people to “join our fight” in tackling revenge porn and helping victims.

Does Hunter Moore regret the site?

Metro reports that Hunter Moore recently answered the question during an interview.

YouTuber Danielle Wise Moore asked if he had “any remorse” and he replied, “I’ve taken my time, these people have obviously been affected by the site and I feel bad for them, and they obviously need to voice their grievances, but at the end of the day I took my time.”

As for the experience, he revealed, “I had a great time, I don’t regret anything, I wish I could have been ten times more difficult because the result would have been the same.”

The Most Hated Man is streaming online exclusively on Netflix.

In other news, why did Hunter Moore start IsAnyoneUp and does he regret it?

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