An allowance is an amount of money given or allotted usually at regular intervals for a specific purpose. In the context of National Service Personnels, the government provide an allowance for their miscellaneous personal spending.

The case of payment of allowances to student teachers, student nurses, health students and even National Service Personnels have become a fight of financial clearance on the part of government agencies.

For personnels of the colleges of education( student teachers), nurses student and the like payment of allowances by the government is nothing to write home about as a result of the unfaithfulness of payment shedules. The question always starts to pop up. Why should there be a delay in the payment of allowances everytime?

A lot of these young ones go through a lot in the delivery of their mandate as trainees or graduates of the various educational institutions in Ghana. Why shoould someone be sitting on monies allocated to serve the very purpose for which it was supposed to be used for?

For instance, nurses doing their National service at certain areas have not received their nine(9) months allowances up till this moment. What kind of systems are we running as a “developed/developing nation” .
Whenever accountability is demanded, there is always an excuse that is given the innocent workers.

It is on this note that we would like to urge the various stakeholders that matter in the deliver of this mandate to exercise some sort expediency when it comes to payment of allowances so as to save the day and difficulties that these people go through.

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