Why most People Prefer Going to College Than The Universities Nowadays

Education in Ghana has seen a sharp contrast in the relevance and the side by side weighting of College certificate with the University Education certificate.

Presently a lot of people overjoyed or prefer going to the College of Education to offer education courses than going to the university for such certificate.

With the introduction of degree in the 46 Colleges of Education in the country, the relevance of the certificate awarded is further deepened.

The following are considered hearty factors a lot of people now consider before offering any education course in the two education fraternity:

University is very expensive.

Comparing the college to the university will reveal why offering such courses in the university is very expensive.

College offers one the opportunity to be more socialized.

College of education is undoubtedly, one of the institutions whose level of socialzaion as as far as the trainee is concerned is unmatched. It offers you the more appropriate way to relate well devoid of any stigmatization due to the shared values that are taught the Teacher trainee.

Colleges of Education are very unique in their nature.

Teachings in the colleges of education are very affective and hence demands a lot.

Another point worth mentioning is the fact that a lot of University graduates become fustrated when it comes to the issues of posting, hence alot of them moves continue or people who could have applied to the universities have no assurances than to proceed and apply to the Colleges of Education.

What do you think about the above subject?

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