With regards to the recent development from the NTC concerning the licensure exams, the leadership team deemed it appropriate to take necessary actions to ensure fairness to all.

We thank you all for your collective efforts and cooperation in finding remedies to these problems confronting us all.
We followed all your views and various contributions in making this decision .

In view of what the NTC is heading towards, it’s about time we pull the bull by it horns. Our future cannot be toyed with by anyone.

The leadership team and the entire members deemed it appropriate to rescue this situation once and for all with leaving no stone unturned.

This is our final decision.

All members are to meet in Accra on Monday 20/09/2021 exactly 11:00am prompt to petition various stakeholders and to also hold a massive press conference to that effect.

NB: we’re expected to come in our numbers since the media will be there to cover everything.
This is our lives and it can’t be taking for granted.
Coming in our numbers will help us all.

Since demonstration requirements can’t be met on time (ie, going for permit etc) , we’re advised to come peacefully and present our petition, address the media and the next plans will be communicated to you there.

Your leaders are ever ready to make sure the right thing is done to bring fairness to all.

As we all know, we need to organise ourselves for this great task ahead of us and make sure justice is served, we all have to raise little funds to strike out this problem once and for all.
We deemed it appropriate to contribute GH¢10.00 each to enable us raise funds to undertake this task and be able to ensure fairness to all.

We can’t be paying monies to NTC for licensure exams and they’ll be toying with our lives like that.

Enough is Enough ‼️

We know how difficult things are at the moment but we can’t fold our arms and watch our bright future being toyed with . It’s about time we show up and let our voices be heard . No one can do it for us. It’s our future vrs. NTC. The ball is in our court now.
It is now or never. ‼️

Failure to be present is equivalent to being satisfied with whatever NTC does to you, hence your name will be strike out from our data system and trust me, you will regret it later . 👌

We can’t trust NTC anymore.

🛑 All members are to fill a new form which will be made available on the platform soon which entails; Name, index number, reference number etc. Kindly follow the link and fill the forms as required.

The forms are to be filled by all members who will be present and who has contributed the GH¢10.00

Use your index number as your reference number when sending the money so that we can recognise those who send them . Make sure you fill it in the space that will be required in the forms that you’ll be filling when the link is given out.

The link will be sent to you shortly with the mobile money number on the general platform so as to start the process.

Please time is not on our side, so please start preparing towards Monday now .

It’s profitable to use the monies you would have used for transportation to go and write this licensure exams which may yield nothing to come so that we can struckout this blockade to employment once and for all.

Trust God, trust your leaders and trust yourselves……….. It is a done deal

Thanks so much for your time and supports.

See you in Accra on Monday . The exact venue will be communicated to you later.

Thank you

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