Fans of Jake Paul and Andrew Tate are urging the two internet stars to confront each other in the ring after Jake’s fight with Hasim Rahman Jr was called off.

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has made a huge name for himself in the professional boxing world, within a short span of time. Professional boxer Hashem was scheduled to fight on Saturday, August 6th.

However, the match was suddenly called off a week ahead of schedule and fans now want YouTuber to battle social media hype, Andrew Tate.

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Fans want to fight Jack Paul and Andrew Tate

Since Jake and Jake’s fight was called off, many fans have commented on Andrew and Jake’s social media posts, urging them to fight each other.

“Fight Tate” many fans write within Jake’s Instagram posts.

“Jake Paul should fight Andrew Tate. It’s honestly what the world wants to see” One fan wrote on Twitter.

Many have taken to Twitter to express their desire for the bout between the two to be “the biggest financial battle in celebrity boxing.” Many fans are already anticipating the results if two online personalities fight each other.

Keemstar claims to have heard rumors of the fight from sources

To add fuel to the flames, YouTuber Keemstar took to his Twitter feed on Wednesday, August 3 claiming to have heard “rumors from sources” that Jake and Andrew were ready to fight.

Furthermore, The Mirror reports that Jake J’Leon Love’s boyfriend, who has worked with him since the launch of his boxing career, believes a match between the YouTuber and Andrew will make them a good deal of money given the high viewership numbers. is expected.

“Regardless of whether Andrew and Jake fight they will do crazy numbers,” J’Leon reportedly said. “Guaranteed they will. What makes sense makes money.”

Andrew Tate wanted to fight Jake Paul in the past. Hustler’s University founder offered $3 million in cash to fight Jake.

Jake Paul and Hashem Rahman Jr comment on canceling the fight

Due to the cancellation of Jake and Hasim’s fight, both sides tell different stories.

Jake claims that Hashem “withdrew from the fight”. Jake claimed in a Post the video on his social media That Hashem as Tommy Fury was “afraid to fight him”.

Jake and his promotional company MVP also said that there is a file Weight problem with Hashem.

“MVP and Jake Paul will not reward anyone who has acted dishonestly and calculated,” read their statement. “Therefore, the MVP has no choice but to cancel the August 6 event. This forced outcome affects Jake Paul, Amanda Serrano and every other fighter on this card who has trained tirelessly for the past few months for this event.

“Jake doesn’t want to take the fight only if you agree to 200 or 205. Like we both said I was 215 yesterday and was fined 25% per pound! Keep the money I’m good at kicking him out” Hashem wrote on Twitter.

Hard Knox: Detroit Lions | Official Trailer | HBO



Hard Knox: Detroit Lions | Official Trailer | HBO





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