Some Kakegurui Twin fans may need to explain the ending after a great but somewhat confusing final, how did Mary win the treasure chest?

It’s felt like an eternity since Kakegurui graced our screens, but Hyakkaou Academy is finally back with another school year of high-stakes gambling and ruinous betting.

The prequel spin-off series, Kakegurui Twin, launched on Netflix to a great global reception and definitely made its way to the top 5 anime list for summer 2022.

However, the final episode featured somewhat confusing gameplay that includes Treasure Chests, Counting Black Stones and musical symbols – here’s the shown ending to Kakegurui Twin Season 1.

Kakigurui twins | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime



Kakigurui twins | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime





How did Mary win the Treasure Chest?

After a stone-counting game against Sakura ends with Marie’s crushing defeat, all hopes for a profitable school year seem to be lost. She’s about to become a house pet and Juraka’s maid – and worse, the loss seems hard for Hanatemari and Yukimi to watch as they leave the room during the match.

However, Hanatimari and Yukimi suddenly returned through the door with another set of treasure chests in their arms; Mary’s behavior instantly turns from weak to sinister.

“We analyzed the map using clues, when that made sense and led us to the treasure chest, we thought we had a real treasure and all we had to do to open it was grab the opponent’s key. We just assumed that was true…” – Marie Saotome in Kakegurui Twin ep 6 , via Netflix.

In fact, the Treasure Chest was a three-part game. First, use the first map to find your chest; Second, bring a game of counting stones with Meibumi; Third, use both of the treasure chest locations from the first round to find the final (and decisive) treasure chest.

The club building where the game began is made up of four floors, the Marie chest site providing one axis and the Sakura site providing the second axis – the combination of the two sites on a multidimensional plan gave one final room… and one final treasure chest.

“The two musical numerical symbols represent multidimensional coordinates. This was the real map. What’s more, this chest, located in the room indicated by the multidimensional coordinates, is the real treasure chest. But the symbols did not specify the horizontal axes and which were the vertical axes.” That’s why I split them up, leaving this room wasn’t meant to be just a distraction.” — Marie Saotome at Kakegurui Twin ep 6, via Netflix.

While Sakura did indeed win the first two rounds, she overplayed her hand and lost sight that the stone-counting game might not have been the last round; Another victim of overconfidence underestimated Mary’s abilities.

Kakegurui Twin ends on a defiant tone

While the group discusses the outcome of the game at Mibuomi’s office, Juraka confirms the outcome of the game: Mary has the option to join Full-Bloom at any time.

However, Mibumi has a secondary agenda as he kicks Sakura off the Full-Bloom Board for losing her infamous winning streak. He then revealed that their romantic courtship is only due to family ties, not true love, because marrying the two would make them incredibly strong in modern Japan.

He then immediately asked Mary to join Full-Bloom, despite having won the game only moments earlier, saying he would never lose the chance to gain such a powerful new member.

This ignited a fire in Mary, who slapped Mibumi and offered to join Full-Bloom in a defiant manner: “What in the world are you talking about? Join a group led by a pathetic stigma like you?! I will never join! Regardless! Never!”

The credits roll in a stellar six-episode series for the Kakegurui Twin, but that’s not where the anime ends. In a post-credit scene, Juraka asks if Mibuomi has given in to Marie, to which he replies “No, I’m totally in love with her” adding how “she’ll definitely be a major player in our school.” He then ended the series by stating that her strategy is “Why do I need her to join Full-Bloom at all costs…or I’ll have to crush her”.

Written by Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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