Salary Advance and Allowances for GES Staff to be Paid in 2022

Salary Advance and Allowances for GES Staff to be Paid in 2022

Ghana Education Service has captured in their 2022 budget, the payment of vehicle maintenance allowance and other allowances for staff of the Ghana Education Service. The approved rate for the vehicle maintenance allowance, Car is two hundred and ten Ghana cedis (GHS 210), Motorcycle seventy cedis (GHS 70) per month and Bicycle twenty-eight cedis (GHS 28) per month.

The allowances will be paid in three trenches in the first quarter, second quarter and third quarter, an excel template has been sent to the various district education offices to fill the template to be captured in the Ghana Education Service budget for 2022.

Teachers in the deprived/difficult areas are to be given an allowance to motivate them, Ghana Education Service to meet the Fair Wages and Salary Commission to decide on the amount to be paid to the teachers in the deprived areas as allowance.

These teachers have to sacrifice their social life to accept posting to deprived areas, the majority of teachers refused postings to deprived areas because they are paid equally with those in the urban centres.

Some teachers have accepted to teach in deprived areas and dilapidated classrooms for the love and care for the children in those communities.

Caring fosters a type of teacher-children connection that encourages possibilities for learning that may not otherwise occur.

When children perceive that their teachers care about them, they respond by optimizing their commitment to learning and exerting greater efforts to reach their potential.

Ghana Education Service has approved Rent advance to be paid to teachers, the rent advance not exceeding the teacher’s basic annual salary.

Ghana Education Service staff will be entitled to advance for the purchase of durable household goods, a loan not exceeding 150% of the employee’s annual salary to be repaid in not more than eighty-four (84) months.

Other allowances approved by Ghana Education Service for staff will improve the condition of service of teachers and GES staff.

To begin the salary advance process, write a detailed request in a letter or schedule a meeting with your supervisor.

This request should not be brought up in casual conversation but should be approached professionally and with some formality, with a covering letter from the head of the institution to be submitted at the GES IPPD unit.

The teacher will be paid by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department. Salary advances are paying an employee a portion of his salary in advance. The advances are recovered in instalments and are usually interest-free.

A loan on the other hand is providing a loan at a concessional interest rate as opposed to a market rate of interest.

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  1. Hello.
    I am Benedict Ewusi and and a teacher within GES. Please i want to find out if you can help me with the sample of the documents needed for rent advance from ges and how to even apply for it and any other allowance as stipulated in the new condition of service.

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