Salary of Physician Assistants in Ghana

Check the Salary of Physician Assistants in Ghana. Physician Assistants (PAs) are licensed health professionals who deliver medical services under the supervision of a licensed physician. The training period for a Physician assistant is four years. The concept of PA evolved from the fact there was the need to bridge the gap of the alarming ratio of the physician- patient relationship.

Salary of Physician Assistants in Ghana

Physician Assistants do not receive good salaries. From my research a Physician Assistant receives a monthly salary of about GH2000 which almost equal to that of a degree nurse and almost half of that of a medical doctor. Looking at the job description and the number of years PAs spend in training I think PAs deserve better.

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The Work of a Physician Assistant

Job description of a Physician Assistant (PA) is slightly different from a medical doctor in the sense that PAs are involved in taking history, making diagnosis, prescribing medications, providing medical treatment to patients, providing managerial duties depending on the setting and also providing preventive care.

Academic Requirements of a Physician Assistant

The occupation of a Physician Assistant is a highly demanding one that requires its practitioners to possess a myriad of skills in patient care, medical technology, and therapeutic implementation. In order to ensure that Physician Assistants possess the essential skills and knowledge necessary to serve in the challenging environment of a hospital or doctor’s office.

Position of Physician Assistants in Ghana

The field of physician assistantship is very diverse. However, they all fall under one umberalls. In Ghana, the categories of physician assistants are as follows.

  • Medical physician assistants
  • Dental practitioner physician assistants
  • Nurse anesthetists physician assistants


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