Snapchat users have expressed their frustration on social media as some have reported that their access to their account has been blocked or temporarily disabled due to repeated failed login attempts in 2022, but is there a way to unlock it?

On August 4, many people took to Twitter to express their disappointment at not being able to log into their Snap account.

So far, Snapchat has not released an official statement about what went wrong. However, there is a way to unlock it.

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Snapchat is temporarily disabled

On August 4, several Snapchat users noticed that their account was temporarily disabled due to repeated failed login attempts. This also resulted in accounts being closed.

People didn’t know why this was happening because they were just entering their usual username and password. In most cases, this action is taken by Snapchat when they sense that there is erratic activity on your account i.e. the app feels that the person logging in is not the real owner.

In order to protect the information, Snapchat temporarily disables the account.

How to open an account

Fortunately for you, there is a way that your account can be opened in no time. Snapchat suggests that if your account is locked, you can unlock it by going to the link here.

However, if this method does not work, the user is asked to wait for 48 hours and then try to log in again. While there are many reasons for account closure, this reason appears to be a glitch.

Since many people are complaining about this, it seems to be a bug from the end of Snapchat. So far, the app has not released an official statement about what went wrong.

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New features added

Snapchat recently launched Snapchat Plus. It consists of exclusive, trial and pre-release features that can be purchased for $3.99 per month.

You can get Snapchat + for $3.99 per month, $21.99 for 6 months, or $39.99 per year.

To subscribe, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Go to your……. Profile personly
  2. Click on Snapchat + Banner Card On the top
  3. Choose a subscription To start your free 7-day trial

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