Implementation of the Common Core Curriculum

So as JHS level of the basic education system resumes for the commencement of the second semester come Tuesday, what is the fate of the basic 7 or the Jhs 1 pupils?
Are we still going to pretend as if we are teaching them? These are pupils who didn’t have the full scope of the STANDARD BASED CURRICULUM. They barely complete the basic 6 curriculum and were promoted to basic 7 for recovery learning and completion of the basic 6 curriculum by teachers who have no training/ idea of the SBC despite lack vital learning materials such as text books and other relevant materials. As if this was not enough, they were also hit by government unpopular decision of no assessment though we all know the importance of assessment in educational system.
This same group were to commence the COMMON CORE PROGRAM as the continuation of the standard based curriculum.
As we resume Tuesday, the question begging for answers are,

  1. What curriculum are we using for the basic 7 learners? Will it be the standard based curriculum, common core program or the erstwhile JHS 1 syllabus?
  2. Are we still going to toy with our dear future Leaders as teachers of JHS level were not trained in both common core program and standard based curriculum?
  3. When will Teachers be trained to implement the CCP?
  4. Why are all teachers silent on this chaotic situation?
  5. Where are the Teacher unions? Why are they not speaking? Why are they not organizing press conferences?
  6. Is society aware of this situation?
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#The future of the JHS 1 pupils matters


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