The current state of GNAT Provident Fund after filing for an interlocutory injunction

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) led by the General Secretay, Thomas T. Musah has today, 21/06/2021 filed an application for INTERLOCUTORY INJUNCTION at the Accra High Court against the Board of Trustees of the GNAT PROVIDENT FUND SCHEME aka TEACHERS PROVIDENT FUND as presently constituted. The injunction places a restraining order against the Board from organizing any meeting(s) including the one scheduled for 23/06/2021. The Board has duly been served.

However, a piece posted by Sir Clement, a local Local GNAT Chairman at the Juaben municipality indicates that former GNAT Secretary, Mr. David Ofori Acheampong, who has retired now is refusing to exit from the board of the GNAT Provident Fund and as result is leading to the said brouhaha.

“I am aware of all these development but I thought it was too deep in the night. The issue is Mr. David Ofori Acheampong, the former General Secretary who has retired now is refusing to exit from the board of the GNAT Provident Fund Scheme for the new General Secretary, Mr. Thomas Musah to take his seat on the board of the fund Scheme.

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He (David Ofori Acheampong ) claims that the fund Scheme was his brainchild and now he thinks it should be renamed as Teachers Provident Fund to cover all the other teachers in the country forgetting that NAGRAT has its fund Scheme for its members, CCT has its fund Scheme for its members likewise other smaller teacher unions. This interlocutory injunction is in its right order but it is long overdue.

The man in question has benefited a lot from Association and still wants to cause problems for the current Secretary, Mr. Thomas Musah. GNAT has trained him to become a lawyer to fight for our interest but he is now using the skills and knowledge acquired to fight our union. Let us all support Mr. Thomas Musah to succeed for what Mr. David Ofori Acheampong is doing is too unconstitutional. GNAT! Solidarity forever! By Sir Clement Juaben Local GNAT Chairman”.


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