GES promotion based on a quota-Opinion

The promotion is quota system. The government of the day determines the number of teachers to be promoted and is based on budget for the year not your pass mark.
For example if the past mark to be promoted is 70% and above and the one who wrote last year failed and happen to join this year, score 75% and a first timer also get same score of 75%, the new and first timer will be dropped considering the high pass mark rate but the second writer will be selected.
This is not new but was there since. Most educationist, the government and now our colleagues argued and continue to argue that we are many compare to other sectors. I vehemently always oppose such analogy. Does it mean if you give birth to 6 children and since they are ‘many’ you will take care of same and leave the rest to their faith? Let not take politicians argument as our own unless otherwise.
About police exam. When their exam time is due, they organize classes for them, teach them and write exam on same. That can’t be said about GES. Different bodies and individuals organize the exams for teachers with exorbitant amount. In short, the exam of the police officers and teachers is like University and College. Your own lecturer is teaching you and gives areas pertaining to the upcoming exams but College, the lecturer is teaching and mostly does not have idea which topics or areas the exam will come from hence you are made to learn everything in the book.
Exam by nature carries some sought of fear but should it be scarecrow to a teacher, rather the manner and ways it is done gonna let you done, it just not just.
Am in no doubt that some people here may not be a teacher thus argue with their own discretion and that is not bad at all.
The political GES won’t give anything better to her employees since they dance to the tune of government of the day or do things to appeal their pay master.
We need “education council” with limited appointment but independent minded individuals educationist to man the affairs of education. At least political interference will be minimized if not reduced.


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